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There has been a great debate as to whether plastic bags need to be changed to paper bags due to the great concern in the dangers for children & the marine animals. The environmental protection agency has estimated that between 500 billion billion plastic bags are being used worldwide each year. Out of all these bags very little are being recycled and re-used. Instead they are just thrown away anywhere causing not only pollution, but danger to the environment to.

In America it is stated that not only about 1-2% of bags are recycled. Thousands of marine aminals & millions of birds die each year as a result of this plastic pollution.

Animals do not understand the concept of what is dangerous for them & what is not. They basically are very much like children. Anything they see or get hold of will go straight to their mouth. So these plastic bags are often mistakenly eaten by animals, blocking their insides which results in death. Some animals & birds become enravelled in plastic bags which results in drowning or not being able to fly. Same with a child. If a bag is placed on a child's face, the child will die of suffocation.


Any bag should be taken away & thrown immediatly. Any place which is of reach of a child such as the floor, bed, chair etc should always be kept safe of bags. They must be kept away from children at all times. This way so many incidents could be avoided within children & the animals/ birds......

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