Dare to dream

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That is because they believe in the old legend folding tiny paper stars Lane was still a loved one more than a full star small donation, a person's wish will come true.

She does not want her boyfriend always quiet She smiles, her boyfriend wanted to see the joy of the eyes. As time passed, more than a day, as this small replica bags, you have to go back to the family, she was the first boyfriend as a farewell gift to the entire bag of colorful stars decided.

- Many stars tonight! - You just want something to go - the eyes, the!

She said softly as waiting. He opened it and smiled lover:

- Things will come to you the most happiness, dear friend!

He faded eyes, startled, his voice cried:

- I want to listen to the body desires!

Depicting a starry sky smiling and really look forward to her best as she realized the other eye. He hastily that their eyes always follow smile, desire.

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