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Marie Colvin’s death was no more unnecessary than so many others now being killed in Syria, including that of a baby she described in such human but calm terms only a day earlier. I have met her – the impression was that reporter who could be objective and dispassionate in style but who was shaken to the core and cared in her essence. Marie Colvin’s death, that of her young photographer colleague Remi Olchlik and at least one other Syrian reporter (we are trying to ascertain identity for certain including Rami al-Sayad) was no accident. They were targeted because they disrupted the Assad regime’s killing machine which claimed it was merely defending itself against terrorists. Just yesterday, Marie compared the siege of the Syrian town of Homs to that of Srebrenica – “the world again stands by not having learnt its lesson.” During the war and genocide in Bosnia & Herzegovina, journalists were not combatants but their impact was that of something more powerful than bullets as they fired away with constant and credible reports of the horror of siege, ethnic cleansing and murder of the innocent. In my work as Foreign Minister of Bosnia & Herzegovina, I frequently ventured to the bunkered TV building where the globe’s journalists gathered - (from Christiane Aminpour to Roger Richard to Arneout Van Lynden – who later testified before the ICTY War Crimes Tribunal). I was targeted by shelling, but the barrage arrived just before me and two were killed instead of me. Journalism has its risks, but its cause is so much more than an adrenaline trip. The best of journalists like Marie Colvin are motivated by how they must try to make a difference and not themselves become the star. She was great in the human foundation of her humility and the intellect fueled by the knowledge that it could be better, and at least she took that responsibility seriously. Marie and I were the late “Baby Boomers” born into the bright sunset of 60’s idealism – she could have been my prom date – She achieved so much before she left. She still had so much more she wanted to give besides one eye and one life. By Ambassador Muhamed Sacirbey – Follow @MuhamedSacirbey Facebook = Become a Fan at “Diplomatically Incorrect” Twitter – Follow us at DiplomaticallyX Photos Courtesy UN, CNN Telegraph

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