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Today’s China

The Author- Gordon Chu ( is the VP of Business Development at Metan Development Group.

I wasn’t terribly surprised when I read this week that China has surpassed Japan as now the second largest economy in the world behind the United States. It was really a matter of when not so much a matter of if. The tough question is howChina got to where it is today. And I’m not talking about macro-economic regulations China has done in the past 50 years, but by the culture, ideals, and the philosophy our previous generation embraced to propel China economically.

We’ve talked abundantly about today’s generation and the traits that characterize this emerging middle class. We have used such words as emperors / empresses, entitlement, and self-serving; but those words hardly fit the previous generation that have painstakingly laid the infrastructure of modern China. Better words to describe this generation are humble, modest, conservative, and unselfish. This generation worked hard for a better future – not for themselves, but for future generations and for the country as a whole.

I am often (and I do mean often) am reminded by my mother the tribulations living in China. She humbly lived in a remote village in Guangdong the majority of her life and came to the United States to attend college. Surprisingly, it isn’t a look back in her life that triggers a negative connotation, but in fact, she remembers it with triumph and with a proud ownership of an experience that shapes her success in the United States today. I know she tells me so I never forget where I come from (admittedly I do), but more so, it’s a way for her to communicate the love and care she’s put in to my future. It’s got me thinking that this is very indicative of our previous generation and the reverence we owe them to where we are today.

Somehow between the last and current generation of Chinese, there grew a widening chasm of philosophies and ideals. I guess that it’s normal for any modern society where media can influence and define an entire generation – but I can’t say that I fully understand how that gap has grown as much as it has in today’s China. Previous generations before varied, but nothing to the extent of where we see it today. Much of it is by the media exposure today’s generation has with not just international cultures, but with themselves as well. Instant messaging, SMS messages, and chat rooms have replaced much of the core family values China once had. Television, online gaming, and shopping have replaced much of the family activities China experienced in the past. In short, China’s success and modernization is as much responsible in today’s change as any other factors.

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