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Hello Everyone! I hope all of you are safe and sound. This blog is about the purpose of language. Different countries have their own languages. Many languages are spoken worldwide. I am putting forward some of the countries languages that are spoken there. Each country has its own national language. So, let’s just start up.

What is Language?

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"Language is a system that consists of the development, acquisition, maintenance and use of complex systems of communication, particularly the human ability to do so."

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As for communication, there must be some medium needed. Likewise communicating with the individuals you also need some source. Language proves to be that medium. For putting your perspective in front of people you need to use language. Two persons can share their thoughts only by using the same language. Understanding of language is really important.


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 National language


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 As there are many languages spoken worldwide, each having its own significance. Every country has its own language. The language that is spoken by the people of a country is said to be its regional or national language. The government of the country specifies the national language of a country. Let's see sme of the languages that are spoken in diffrent countries.

 1. U.S (United States)


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 Many languages are used in the United States. Over 500 languages are spoken by the population of the U.S at different levels. English is considered as the official languageEnglish is spoken by the majority of the U.S population. English is also an international language. So, people of different countries easily connect with the Americans.


2. Pakistan 


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Pakistan is one of the powerful Muslim countries. It has its own remarkable position in the world. Many languages are spoken in Pakistan. The language that is given the national language status is URDUUrdu is the language of Pakistan. This language is an ancient language. It’s a blend of many languages of the sub-continent. Many languages together form Urdu.

The people of Sub-continent speak many languages, and from all these languages a new language comes into existence and that was Urdu. Owing to interaction with other languages, Urdu has become localized wherever it is spoken including India. Urdu undergoes many changes from the regional languages and borrowed many words from them.


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Most of the population conversant in Urdu. It’s one of the complex languages having a mixture of many languages. Only 8% of the inhabitants of Pakistan use it as the first language. Other regional languages are spoken in Pakistan including PunjabiSindhi, and Pashto etc.


3. India

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India is one of the most populated and largest countries. It is renowned worldwide for its education system. People of different cultures and religion live in India. So, many languages are spoken there. Many of the languages are different in their script.


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There is no national language in Union Government of the Republic of India. But Hindi is the official language of India. Some of the languages spoken in India include:






Urdu etc.

All these languages owe equal status. The State of India is free to adopt any of the languages in the official work. India is vastly populated and has many provinces in it. So, each province operates in its own language.


4. China


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China is one of the most developed and progressed country of the world. It is known for its Industry. Many languages are spoken in China. Most of the people speak several varieties of Chinese. Chinese is basically the official or national language of the country.

The language used by the government is also Chinese. The people here are so close to their culture that they don’t try to learn or use any other language other than Chinese. They preserve their culture and moral values. Their language is really important for them. Beijing dialect was chosen as the national language in 1924. Because it is the native and well-known language of the country.


5. Germany


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Germany is a West Europen country with the landscape of forests, rivers, and mountains. The national and official language of Germany is the German. All the natives speak that language. Over 95% of the population use the German language.

German is basically their first language. The German language is closely related to Low German, English. The writing system uses the Latin script. Today there continues to be many variations and dialects among the German language. But still, German is highly prioritized.


6. Italy


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The language that owes the national and official language status in Italy is Italian. Because of historical and cultural reasons Italian is referred as the national language. Since 15th century The Italian language is enjoying that status. Italian is used in all the courts of the states of Italy. It is the general language used by the scholars, poets, writers etc. The culture of Italy is preserved by the writer's community.


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These are some of the languages spoken in different countries. There are many more languages I did not discuss. I hope you guys like reading this. Stay connected for further posts. See you soon.

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