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These creatures of the deep are some of most the strangest ever seen!

1. Viperfish

This fish of the deep can be found in what we call the abyss. Dark cold and at the very bottom of the ocean depths these creatures dwell. These creatures are long and scary and a under-jaw with fangs (i would not want to meet one face to face that’s for sure). Viperfish are blind but have an antennae light-bulb to lure its prey. In this case do not got towards the light…..    

2. Anglerfish

The Angler fish has a horror movie all over it. Its sheer appearance is enough to give children nightmares. Like the Viperfish these creatures are in the deepest parts of the ocean aka bottom dwellers. They also have a nice shiny light bulb spine that lures its prey in (again away from the light). These creatures are weird but have a look for yourself below.  


3. Leafy Sea Dragon

Now this has to be one of the strangest creatures I have heard of period. Imagine someone telling you they saw a fish like sea horse that looked like moving sea-weed. Huh? Yes meet the Leafy Sea Dragon catchy cool name and with its nearly hard to see fins that propel him through the bodies of water it be hard to tell if what you were looking at is actually seaweed or a very interesting and strange sea creature.  

4. Vampire Squid

The Vampire Squid with a name like this you would think Dracula and Ursula (little mermaid) had a baby. Keeping true to its name this creature packs a cap between its tentacles allowing it to float through the seas in a fly like manner. Blood red in color this creature also has the ability to create hypnosis on its prey. Making this beast from beneath even more strange or cool depending what your into.


  5. Longhorn Cowfish

This creature can glide through the water like a hover craft and secretes poison toxins from its skin making it a not so nice cow. With its horns and moo-like mouth you can see why name fits but i can definitely say i do not want to see this on any menu.  

6. Dana Octopus Squid

No, No, No this is not a nickname given by a bully. This is actually the name of the eight legged creature of the deep. What makes this strange squid so interesting is that it to can confuses/disorients its prey using  lights. Yes dancing club flashing lights that it produces underneath its skin in a vast flash way.

  7. Axolotl

Cute and cuddly little creatures. I can see every kid wanting one as a pet. This neat looking creature that looks like it came straight out of a cartoon is unique in the fact that it stays in the larva state even when it matures. So when its mating season its true to say there goes a baby-daddy or mommy.    

8. Frilled Shark

Now this shark is almost snake like, constantly mistaken for an Eel these creatures were once thought extincted until 2007 where one was found washed up on shore. Source