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Deputy Commissioner Haripur alongwith Sub-Engineer (Waseem Razzaq) TMA Office Haripur visited the under mentioned scheme to inspect the work at site physically.

Name of scheme: Pavement of street village kamalpur.
Union Council: Rehana
Constituency/Area: PK-50
Total Approved Cost: Rs.0.600 Million 
Source of Fund: CMD 2013-14
Executing Agency: TMA Haripur.

The work carried out by the contractor has been measured at site and found that:-

1. Length of the PCC Path was found correct as per PC-I and MB (723ft).

2. Width of the PCC Path was also found correct as per MB.

3. Thickness of the PCC was 5-Inches as per PC-I specification but found 4.00 inches physically. The same was taken as 5.00 inches in the MB by the Sub Engineer. Probably, either the work at site was not actually measured by the Sub Engineer or the measurement was taken with the collaboration of the contractor which resulted to incorrect/over payment to the contractor against less volume of work actually done at site.

TMO Haripur was directed to immediately proceed against the Sub Engineer for making incorrect/irrelevant measurements of work at site and its recording in the MB which resulted loss to the public ex-chequer. Appropriate action against the contractor should also be taken as per law.


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