Destinations for tourism in Kazakhstan.

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Major tourist destinations in Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan - a country with a rich historical and cultural heritage, which has always been an incredibly attractive to tourists. The last decade of travel services have been actively developing in the country, offering its guests a wide variety of programs and routes.

Arriving in Kazakhstan, each traveler will easily find exactly what he likes. Tourism in Kazakhstan is multifaceted, ranging from classic and ending with cultural trends in extreme kinds of recreation that choose not all.


Holidays in the Republic of Kazakhstan has all the necessary ingredients to be a great. Perfect Caspian Sea to conduct a wonderful holiday on its coast. Near the city of Aktau hosts various hotels and resorts, so you can easily choose the accommodation at its discretion.

Kazakh Lake

Many lakes in Kazakhstan famous with its beauty all over the world. It is a true paradise for those who like to contemplate nature. Blue Lakes, which are located in the protected village of Borovoye, from ancient times attracted the attention of tourists. The clean mountain air, fishing, peace and the opportunity to connect with nature all that attracts tourists to this wonderful place. One advantage of recreation on the lakes of Kazakhstan is a unique opportunity to healing using mud treatment, Pantotheraphy, Kymyz treatment and so on. In Borovo come to treat respiratory diseases. Thanks to the healing mineralized chloride - sodium water and healthy climate, even seriously ill people feel these Metakhim much better.


Skiing on the slopes of the peaks of Kazakhstan took his place in the niche of the tourism development of the country. Medeo - one of the largest complexes in the world, where you can practice a variety of winter sports. Surprisingly mild climate, windless weather and pleasant sunshine create the most favorable conditions for skiing and skating.

Kazakh attractions

Tourism in Kazakhstan is also in the examination of a variety of attractions and cultural sites of the country. Astana, Almaty, Aktau, img_2Baykonur - incredible in its beauty and cultural richness of the place, which is certainly worth a visit.

Astana is the capital of the republic, as well as any capital city stands the center of cultural and social life of the country. Majestic ancient mosque in the neighborhood of modern entertainment centers beckon guests in this beautiful place.

Mysterious Bakonur - the dream of many people who love space and is interested in everything connected with it. View the famous Baikonur now is easy. The city has a huge number of monuments erected in honor of the famous people who have contributed to the discovery of space. Located on the banks of the Syr Darya space airfield will open many secrets to everyone.

Historically important places of the republic

The oldest city of the republic, Taraz - a true open-air museum. Former Kazakh city of merchants, incredibly beautiful and green, he was repeatedly praised in the works of famous artists of the East. Taraz has a direct relationship to the majestic Silk Road, the history of which, in our days excites the minds of historians of all countries.

Peerless nature allows you to choose different kinds of recreation and entertainment - this is the main advantage of tourism in Kazakhstan. By selecting this country you can be sure there is something to see, and it is possible here want to come more than once. More about Rest in Kazakhstan.

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