Diamonds Aren't My Bestfriend

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It isn't true that Diamonds are a girl's best friend. Maybe this is true for some women but not for me nor my mom. I don't get attracted with gems (except for bitlanders' gems. Lol) and sparkling diamonds in jewelries. I would love it if it was given to me by my loved one but buying it just to add it up in my collections are beyond impossible.

I love collecting shoes, watches and bags but I don't buy too often. Only when I have saved a lot.

My best friends are not material things but people. I consider my boyfriend as my best friend. I could confide to him everything without hesitation and I am comfortable when I'm with him. No pretensions at all. :)

For ladies, are you fond of jewelries?
For gentlemen, are your wives attracted to them? 

For the singles, well then, how do you do? Hahaha peace yo!


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