Digital Art : Birthday Tarpaulin Design

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My niece celebrated her 3rd birthday and I had made her another tarpaulin design, actually I had made around three designs. I will share the three of them but first, let me show you what was printed for some reasons, I don't really like this much but we ended up printing this instead for some reasons.


Now, I am just happy seeing my previous works which made me encouraged again to work with Adobe Photoshop.


I had used a couple of clip arts for this, ribbons, stitches and of course the fonts used here are something which i had searched online and downloaded, installed on my computer so I can use it in here. I also had forgotten what the name of these fonts but I sure still have them on my drive.


I can share to you the template if you need so, just let me know by commenting here or sending me a message.



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