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i had actually maintained a free digital scrapbooking site before through blogger, the truth is the blog is still up but the photos and images aren't anymore because I came to a point where i wasn't anymore updating the blog due to the slow earnings I get with the site. I was able to make a cash out with my own adsense account thought but it took a long long time to get me that amount so I was already discouraged and learned about another online earning site and so I had switched over, leaving the site but then my love for those digital scrapbooks is still with me and so I thought sharing them are would be a lot better.

Now based on the photo shared in this article, these are tags which I had made from a bare new page in Adobe Photoshop into these kinds of tags which can be used for my own digital scrapbooks too!

So these ones up here, I had used different brush styles for its designs and I had given them as free for download before. I can still provide you the files if you ask it too!

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