Digital Literacy in Herat, Afghanistan, December 2014, Women's Annex update

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The winter school holidays have started and as we planned our Winter Digital Literacy Courses have already started. These courses are English, Computer, Internet and Photography which all are for the purpose of women empowerment. This week I have visited our classes at schools and observed the materials and teaching methods. The students seemed to be very happy and all of them were appreciating for the classes. The number of students participating these course was more than what we expected and that is due to limitations in women education in a country like Afghanistan. 

There are more 1000 students registered for these classes in seven different schools. Because of this high number of participants we have decided to handle the classes in different shifts. In Gowharshad High School there are three shifts. Monira Raufi our instructor in Gowharshad High School says that student are participating these classes with a high enthusiasm and they are very keen to learn new things. She thinks such classes are very helpful for women empowerment and it helps them stand on their own feet.

Royina one of the student says "it is very good chance for us to learn computer and English since we are not allowed by our parents to go to private courses." She continues “Before starting this course I was thinking that computer and digital literacy are very complicated and I won’t be able to learn them But now I know that it is easy to learn and I can do a lot of things with it.”

Forouhar Esfazary who is our computer instructor says “There is no other joy in the world better than giving the people what they want. Student really needed these classes and I thank God for being part of this women empowerment program.”

Amir Ali Shir Nawayee and Hatifi High School student are studying in four shifts. Fareshta one of the students of Amir Ali Shir Naway high School says that the only reason she can participate the class is because there are female instructors. She says if they were male her family would not let her participate the classes.

The classes in Malika Jalali and Houz e Karbas High Schools have started last week. Fereshteh Arian one of the instructor says “The classes are going very good on according the prepared curriculum and there exist no problem but electricity. Since we are teaching computer sometimes the electricity goes off.”  Considering the electricity problem Afghan Citadel have already prepared some generators and we are going to install them at schools on Sunday.

Mahjohba Herave and Mirman Hayati schools also have many students who are participating the classes and are very keen to learn new things.


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I am laleh farzan from Afghanistan I graduated from Computer Science faculty of Herat University now I am doing Msc(computer Science) in India.

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