Digital Literacy in Herat, Afghanistan, Happy New Year 2015

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It is New Year 2015 celebrations all over the world. Friends and families are gathering and celebrating this day in most countries of the world. 

The year 2014 has passed with all its joys and miseries. It was joyful for some people and nations and a disaster for some others. Afghan people are the ones who have been straggling during the past decades. These last decades did not have anything for these people it was all war and misery. Years have passed like this and the mean of New Year’s joy and ceremony have died for these people. In the Afghan society girls are having more problems than boys and family limitations exits more for them.

The first day of January brings the mean of a new page in everyone’s life and it is us who should decide how to fill this page. As usual Afghan Citadel and Women's Annex Foundation help in the process of  Afghan women empowerment to have a better year and stand on their own feet, this help is done throw digital education, English and Computer Courses. In the New Year we decided to extend our programs and organize some more courses for Afghan Women.

In the season the weather is terribly cold in Afghanistan, in spite of the cold weather the school students are participating classes and they are very keen to learn something new. This year we had a presentation on how New Year is celebrated all over in the world. The students every very happy and they all were wishing having the same thing in their own country.

Saghar Ahmadi of the students said “First of all I want to wish a happy new year for all the people in the world. This presentation changed my view about New Year and I wish we were having the possibility to celebrate the same way.”

Afsana Frozish another student of Mirman Hayati high school said “We are very happy to have this studying opportunity since a lot of Afghan women do not have the same opportunity. This cold weather and any other problem cannot prevent us from learning. We want to learn because now we know the only way to get out of this dark era is education.”

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I am laleh farzan from Afghanistan I graduated from Computer Science faculty of Herat University now I am doing Msc(computer Science) in India.

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