Digital Scrapbook : Aiesha Zaila

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When I started working with digital scrapbooks, my works were mostly for my niece, Aiesha Zaila, she was the center of my designs and so I had made each and every digital scrapbook for her specially if I go home and take photos of her. I would make sure that those photos will then be used for scrapbooks. I always want to print them and get them materialized but I had never been able to do so. I know there are certain sites which would offer that service, with a software to join all those photos together and all but I haven't been able to do so as well.

Anyway, this one was taken when she was still a year old. She was actually born on 2010, February. She just celebrated her 5th birthday yesterday. Yes our little girl is now becoming a lady! I am missing her. But anyway, so we were on our way to the beach as she loves swimming but before we stepped out of the house, we took a photo of her and yeah this deserves a scrapbook page!

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