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Photographs are important to me, they keep memories and which will never ever change even if those people or the place where the photo was taken had already changed, that special moment has already been captured by the photo itself.

One of my instructors when I was in college told us that her collection of photos has been kept secured in a specific place in her house so that when there are tragedies or any kind of emergency, she can immediately take it and bring it with her so in case the house and all other stuff in it would be gone, she still has those photos and that her next family generation would be able to see the beauty and the memories kept on those photos.

That instructor had really influenced me a lot and that I had reminded myself over and over again to keep photographs in every event or my life so I can leave them and let my future family see them as well as a keepsake of how the old times look and this I believe can greatly affect their lives as well.

Collage is one way for me to keep photos in one and selfies or portraits are important to be kept together in one.

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