Dignity and Pride

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Holy Quran States "God made man the most honourable and dignified of all his creation".

Another verse of Holy Quran says that "Verily we have honoured the children of Adam we carry them on the land and seas and have made provision of good things for them and have preferred them above many of those whom we created with a marked preferment".

Honour is the destiny of man. Dignity is his privilege. He is raised to this position not for the sake of it, but that he has to reciprocate it correspondingly in his duties and responsibilities. It's all more essential for him to realize his noble destiny and to raise to the level set for him in the pre-ordainment of things. The consummation of such realization is guaranteed only by youth. Youth is the period of expansion, growth, lofty ideas hope and nourishment of ego. it is also the period of invention execution and exploration. Young people are the true representatives of the nation. They determine it's destiny. If they are trained in that direction they strike at the highest and never compromise with anything short of that.

In such an exercise all extreme should be turned in to midway transits. Putting their energies to total exhaustion in the purposeful activities."The indentity of an honourable man is that he never degrades the weaker. He never cheats or betrays a Trust. He looks straight in to the eyes of the World"

Excessive energy and vitality of youth demand an ideal atmosphere of honourable commitments. Sense of dignity and pride evoked from a harmonious and rhythmic whole that breathes the deepest concern for the future of mankind and of nation.

The most important factor in generating a sense of dignity and pride is self discipline. The first concern of great teaching has been to see that human begins inculcate in themselves discipline. They grow by themselves and are not to be told things. Knowledge brings awareness,Knowledge and awareness help a man to know the reality of things. A self disciplined person develops a good sense of proportion and with that picks up right things and right direction. It brings him the satisfaction of adding something to the well being of humanity. Hence he becomes dignified. Thus we have to move about in life with a concern and a mission.

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