Dimensions and the third eye.

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It basically describes as we all know, everything is comprised of division 0. Or the dot. No matter how deep we go particles will keep getting smaller. Dots make a line and so on more and more dimensions. Thats what we know onek ager thekei. But what if we think differently? Outside of logic to find the right logic that fits the puzzle? We know that dots make everything. But how do they make them? By making 'geo metrical structures' ototuk thiik ase. Did you know the other name of geometry? It's frozen music. Music is geometry and geometry is music. If you put sand on a black surface and tune a speaker and set it to amplify at 440hz, soon the sand particles start to assemble and start to form shapes. All kinds of them. The higher the frequency, the more complex the shape gets. Uptil now, 5 shapes construct almost everything in this earth, all the elements .I'm not talking about circles or squares, but complex structures such as the dodecahedron which is the exact shape of the earth and of the last natural element of the periodic table. These 5 can be used to make everything and apparently, they do. Ancient scientists used to say that if this falls into the wrong hands, something bad can happen. The shape is very powerful you see? Its the shape if the universe, the circulations, of the earth and even dna contains the geometrical shape dodecahedron. This comprises the theory if Phi. You know? If 1 is added to 1 it'll be two and the sum of those will be 3. Similarly the numbers arise are. 1,1,2,3,5,8,13 and so on. That is the exact turn in on galaxies :| Same angles in sea shells, water waves and many other things. This is the sacred 'shape' that comprises things. That shape is formed at a frequency of above 4000hz. Now what if dimensions were just frequencies of wave lengths? Then we would be around 7.23 When we sleep, it is said that we die, our souls don't leave the world, where do they go? Why can't we not see them? They travel to another frequency. Our brain is being channeled somewhere else. As this vibration and basic 'music' 'geometry' is what represents it all, why not that we all are just frequencies? This can be proved if the inner eye is looked more closely. The inner eye is the third eye or the pineal gland consisting of DMT. DMT or Dimethyltryptamine is the chemical that makes us dream mixing with other chemicals. All they do is channel us to different frequencies. Taking a dose of DMT makes a person go to another dimension. A dimension beyond the 4th. Hence time there is much longer. You can see other beings. Many kinds. You won't be able to hear them though. All you'll hear is music. Says many scientists who have gone into that state. But it will all feel very good. By the time you're back from your power nap you won't know which year you're in and you'll fall home sick. It is all due to the change of frequencies and sound waves. What if that's all there's to it? That's all we can know about? I end my research here. -Skib

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