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Bravame is an independent web channel which showcasing the talent of different directors who are working independently over the time and want to promote the talent.This is platform for them for making low budgeted cast tele films,to direct the independent films or to make an animated film.It presents the world to see the independent directors and animators around the world. 

What is webtv?

Basically webtv is also known as internet tv is the original tv content is produced and broadcast through world wide web or internet is called webtv.It includes the transmission produced for tv as well as the same time shown on internet.WebTV includes the web series, short films and animated movies etc.

Bravame  is came in being in 2006.

What is Independent Film?

Independent films are most of time short and in series and generally produced out of major studious.the cost of the independent films are low and less in budget and as well as the marketing is also not in high manners with limited release.Independent films are screened in film festivals but not much in cinemas.

Bravame is also involving the many web series, Horror, Animation, Drama, science-fiction and Comedy related films.

Bravame is promoting the talent of individual directors,producers and animators it has many remember able independent films/movies in its account in which The 3rd Letter has its own importance.

The 3rd Letter

The 3rd Letter was produced in 2010 in English Language.It is produced in United states.


"The 3rd Letter" is a distinctive dystopian vision where humans utterly depend on health-care and technology to withstand the deteriorating climate. Set against a polluted, megalopolis world, the tragic tale of Jeffrey Brief (Rodrigo Lopresti) unfolds; Faced with the imminent loss of his crucial health insurance, Brief unwittingly unravels a dark truth behind his insurance company. He is subsequently pushed to unspeakable lengths in an attempt for survival.

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