DIY & Cheap Gift Ideas #1

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DIY & Cheap Christmas Gift Ideas #1


Hello guys 2 days to go and it's Christmas!

Are you Having a problem on gifts for your honey, mom, dad, friends, BFF, boyfie, nieces, nephews, godsons, and anyone who's special to you, and you don't have enough money to buy gifts for them all?

Don't worry guys, 'cause I'm sharing these DIYs and cheap Christmas gift ideas to you. Hope you like it because like most of you, I want to give gifts to all my love ones and I admit that I'm super  "Kuripot!"

That's why I find time to watch DIY videos on youtube to get some ideas for Christmas. I hope these can help you too like me.

Unbaked Cookies in a Jar

Yes! You can buy those unbaked ingredients and mallows and anything you want to put in a jar. You can customize it the way you want. You can put chocolate bits, or sprinkles too. You don't need to do the same way like this. Use anything you want to add on it.


Then to decorate, you can use ribbons with a small card on it.  And on the cover, you can put printed tapes around.

And Voila! It's ready to give to your friends or anyone!!


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