do not make fun of religion or faith

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When we are inside the church and attend a mass we have to respect the house of God and be quiet while we are there.I notice other people who are there when I am in the church they are laughing and pinching each other and sit down in the floor and make a scene.Why they are doing this in the first place.Even if let’s say that the priest is not yet there or even if he is there already,we have to think that we are there to pray and not to drag peoples attention so that we are noticed.

It is ridiculous that this two ladies are keep on combing their hair there and tie it and untie it and keep on repeating and laugh and laugh.I don’t know if they are taught by their parents to behave well and show manners especially in  that kind of places.It is a shame that they look like that they don’t give respect and just carry on.What will you do if you are there

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