Do You Work Because You Need To?

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This question might not sound clear to you, but let me ask it again in a slightly clearer way. Do you work out of necessity? Or you just work for enjoyment? Why are you here in Bitlanders in the first place? Is it for fun or income?

If given the chance to choose and the power to make that choice come true, which would you choose? For sure, you would prefer to work for enjoyment. You want to work primarily to have fun and secondarily to earn some money.

Whatever the reason behind our choice, no one can judge against us. Unless we are already rich and have it all, we need to work to our bones to get our heads above the water. That’s human nature.

Saying I am only here for fun is hypocrisy at best. In fact, I belong to the same camp where many are in. Donating money for charity feels good, but sharing is a good thing only if you have a good thing to share! That’s my own invention.

Still I am trying to imagine how fanciful it would feel to be here just to learn new things and enjoy myself. I believe it would be very fun and less stressful. I would really love to work because I want to, not because I need to.

Now what about you? What is the foremost reason why you came here and stayed until today? I’d like to hear your thoughts.

* Warning: This blog post is my original work. Please don’t plagiarize.

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