Doll's festival Or Hina Matsuri

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Yesterday , March 3 is a  ( GIRL's  DAY ) DOLL's  FESTIVAL  or in japanese language is  HINA MATSURI .

HINA MATSURI is an occasion to pray for young girls ' growth  and  happiness . Most homes with girls display dolls for this DOLL's  FESTIVAL  and dedicate to them . 

Hina matsuri is also called  " MOMO NO SEKKU " meaning festival of peach . 

Hina is a word meaning Doll and Matsuri means festival . MOMO  means peach and SEKKU  is another word for festival . 


Doll's  Festival is not a national holiday .  The originally Boy's  Festival was designated as common CHILDREN's  DAY . In that  day,  Boys  Festival become National  Holidays . 



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