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Since I was young, I am really into art. I love sketching, drawing, coloring and whatever it is that is inline with this specific subject. My favorite part in school has always been art and I have collections of whatever kinds of crayons, coloring pencils, watercolors given by my parents or my relatives. I also buy myself these stuffs.

When I went to college, I was seemed to be filled with the excitement of the thought of going into meeting new people and exploring the city life. I eventually had somehow forgotten about art although at some point, I am still able to appreciate it when I find some art pieces.

But when I started working back in the Philippines, I had started to go back to the art thing. I don't usually use watercolors or crayons anymore but I had stayed into the black and white themed ones. I switched into Doodles.

What is Doodle Art?


Doodles are scribbles absentmindedly. They are any simple drawing which represents a meaning. It may be an abstract one or something extravagant. It is normally drawn while the person's attention is occupied.

Doodle may contain shapes, formal art or lettering. But the most common ones are those which has cartoon versions, patterns and shapes.

Here are some examples of Doodles:

This doodle below has lettering and characters in it

image source:

This one below is made of shapes and patterns:

An example of doodle made of lines and geometric ideas:


image source:

While most doodles is plainly a black and white ones, there are others which are also colored like this one below:



History of Doodle

Doodles were originally was used as a noun for such a scribble. It was used as a term for a fool during the year 1935 until 1940.

But it has been around since the oldest cave paintings 40,000 years ago according to doodleartsmagazin. Back in that time, cavemen use stones and sticks to draw abstract patterns of human hands and animls.

So it isn't really the simplest form of art but it has a rich history that it is more than just an absentminded way of passing time. It may be a neglected form of art but it has been gaining popularity these days that more and more people are into making them and even gaining business from the said art.

Effects of Making Doodle

While Doodling has been labeled as a negative thing in terms of doing before by certain teachers, since the said art can be a destruction while in a meeting, a class or when someone is in front of you. However, these days, there are many benefits and advantages in doing the said art as per study.

Most people before had noted it as a waste of time, however at this age, doodling is getting new respect to the art form and to the artists.

image source:

image source:

It has been proven that there are many positive effects of doodling and there are certain people who had given a nod to the research study. As per the scientists, doodle had help the brain remain active by engaging its default networks.

Here are some more other list of the positive effects of Doodle Art.

1) Focus and memory retention

2) Iit is a form of expression and communication

3) It is a way to relieve stress

4) enhance creativity and imagination

5) it can increase artistic confidence

image source:

image source:

The appearance of a doodle can stimulate ideas for improvement, according to a 2014 study by Gabriela Goldschmidt, a professor emeritus of architecture at the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology in Haifa and a researcher on learning techniques of design. A doodle can spark a "dialog between the mind and the hand holding a pencil and the eyes that perceive the marks on paper," the study says.

When a guy let his artist wife doodle with his car, this what what happened:

image source:

And here's what happens to a boring pair of plain white shoes:

image source:

It can also beautify an office room like these ones below:

image source:

image source:


Who can Doodle?

Yes. Anyone can doodle. Anyone has the freedom to express whatever is in her mind in the art of doodling. A young child be given a pen, starts scribbling and this can be considered one for that little child.

Doodle don't necessarily require to be perfect, it just needs to be expressive. There are millions of people who are getting into this art and it doesn't require a degree or any specific Educational background so anyone has the freedom to make their own version of doodle. 

But here are some of the best and famous people who had been doing doodle art for most of their lives:


She is from India and she is very active in social media sites and also in Youtube. I have been her follower for awhile now and I am seeing her projects as inspiration to also be able to create certain doodles like what she had created.

So far, she is one of my inspirations.  Check out her creations below:

image souce:

As mentioned earlier, she is very active in Youtube. She posts tutorials too which are really cool. I love her arts and I am also using her videos for learning. Check out below:

Here's a video on how she creates pandas on a moleskine journal:

She shares patterns to fill up gaps on doodles:

Mandala is one of my favorites in making doodles. Here's one of her mandala videos:

Here's a cute tutorial on how to draw cute faces:

Some more other videos from pic candle:


Kerby Rosanes

I am proud to say that this person here is a Filipino. As per his blog's about me page:

Philippines-based illustrator Kerby Rosanes works mainly with ordinary black fine liners to magically illustrate his “doodle” world. The 24-year old artist considers his art as a personal hobby which turned out to be his part-time freelance work after being recognized by various design blogs, international magazines and online art communities.

Amazingly, he had been featured in so many websites and even Television shows. Here are some of them: - The wonderful and whimsical world of Kerby Rosanes
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And there are many more. Here are some of his doodle works:

note: all of these images are from his website, tumblr page:

He had made his own colouring book too:


My Own Doodles

Doodling provides an alternate route to learning for some people. I have found it my own way of stress relieving and I love the feeling of being able to finish one doodle perhaps two or three pages in a week. Since I started this as a hobby, I had already finished a certain journal book which my husband had purchased for me years ago but I only was able to get to finish the entire journal lately.

I will be sharing some of my doodles here below:

Most of them are being shared online through my social media accounts. I usually share it via instagram first and then will be cross posted to my Facebook account and Twitter as well.


Today, there are different forms of doodles which have been getting famous and are trending specially to the new generation. The young ones today have made doodling more interesting and more entertaining. There are lots of groups on social media who are enthusiast of the said art and of which had paved ways of getting this art form known.


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