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There was a high school student who leaves her home every 4 o'clock in the morning for school. Her first subject will start on 6 o'clock in the morning but she's leaving so early because her home was pretty far from her school.

One day at exactly 2:30 in the morning the girl woke up and took a bath. She grabbed her breakfast and then she's about to leave. When the girl gone outside of their house she saw her grandfather standing in front of their house's door looking at her.

"My grandfather's looking for me until my school service go" the girl told herself. When the school service came to pick her up she waved her hand to her grandfather and said "Bye-bye Granpa" but his grandfather did not respond.

When she got back home her mom asked her, "Who are you saying bye-bye for? Who are you talking to before you get on the jeep? ". The girl respond, "Of course i was talking to Grandpa" her mom was shocked and told her "Your grandpa is still sleeping until now because he's not feeling well".

They woke up her grandfather and asked him if he gone outside and watch for the girl before the girl left the house but her grandfather said "No".

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Hi! I'm John Patrick de Lacy from the Philippines. I want to make a lot of friends here and i hope that i will be able to befriend all the bitlanders!

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