Drug Abuse, A threat to Society

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Drug Abuse, A threat to Society

                Drugs pose a terrible threat to society. Drug addiction is fatal for human health and social status. Two factors that bring about this bad habit are genetic factors and environmental factors. Genetic factors include metabolic structural and neuron chemical malfunctions of brain. They can make a person drug addict. To root out this cause proper treatment is needed.

                The second factor that can make a person drug addict is bad environment. Bad company and evil environment can make a person drug addict. Unpleasant home conditions, psychological issues, social circumstances and the bad fellows are the main environmental factors.

                We may prevent drugs from society by taking the following steps. First, total ban should be enforced on the growth of those plants that are used to produce drugs. Second, poor countries responsible for the production of drugs should be helped economically so that they themselves must ban the production of drugs. Third, we should make people aware of the disadvantages of using drugs. In this regard we should design a awareness program. Fourth, free or cheap treatment of the drugs addicts should be ensured. Fifth, Government should make and enforce strict laws against the drugs makers. Sixth rehabilitation centers should be open for the treatment of drug patients. 

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