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It was 1538. One Basu family from Tamralipto (now Tamluk)

reached Khalisani in Chandannagar, District Hooghly by boat. Sri Karunamoy Basu was the paterfamilias. River Saraswati kept flowing through Chandannagar at that period.  On reaching there he set up a homestead and also consecrated a temple (Bishalakshmi Temple) adjacent to it. For the very first time Durga Puja took place in that house.  Perhaps this is the oldest Durga Puja in Hooghly district.  The building still remains there but dilapidated.  Durga Puja takes place every year still now, but with little pomp. In the earlier times opera parties from different corners of Bengal used to stage dramas and even professional female dancers showed their performance on the eve of Durga Puja. One can find the "Dancing - room" still now in the house. Visitors from Hooghly as well as other districts used to gather there to enjoy the Puja. The idol-maker and the priest for offering worship to Maa Durga are continuing their services still now from one generation to other.  All of us nowadays are intoxicated by "Theme-Pujas", but we should not forget the beauty and the cordial atmosphere of these old traditioned family Pujas. At least for a change, and to take the flavour of a nearly 500 years old Family Puja why not in Chandannagar in the ensuing Festival season ?

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