Earn money by running a Bitcoins Faucet

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Two years ago, I discovered the world of cryptocurrencies and bitcoins. I was amazed how easy it was to transfer coins from one end of the world to the other and I started to collect bitcoins in whatever manner possible.

I claimed from cryptocurrency faucets and collected some few coins like that. I wondered why people were running such websites? A faucet is a place where you can recieve some free coins by entering your bitcoins address and by solving a captcha. Why would they give away something for free? It took me some time to understand how it works and how the faucet owners could earn some money with users visiting their pages. So I took the brave decision to open my own faucet. It was brave because I knew nothing about coding or running a website. I found a ready made script proposed by faucet box. After a couple of months of trial and error, I finally had a working faucet.

Since then I opened more and more faucets for different coins. Today I run 6 faucets and I make some money with it. The concept of the business is quite easy: Try to earn more with ads income and referral cashbacks than what you pay to the users.

Above you see my dash faucet. Each time a visitor sees my page, he also sees the ads I place on it. By showing these ads, I manage to create some income. To thank my users for their visit, I pay them in coins.

Run a faucet business yourself

I learned a lot of stuff while running my faucets and I decided to share my knowledge with others. I created a free online course that teaches how to start your faucet business. Feel free to take the course!

It is not as easy as it seams since you have to find the good ad networks for your website, you have to define how much you want to pay to the visitors and what currency you want to use. Then there are bots that want to steal your coins... In this course, I try to give you solutions for all these problems.


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