Eddie Kingston is my Huckleberry: A very twisted fan fiction (Part 2)

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Note: This fan fiction has some cursing, slang words that I got off the internet, sexual stuff, and racial stuff. I am not going to offend most of you, but, if so, please tell me through a message that you see a button on my profile. Thank You!

Prelude: How can I tell the truth to Eddie, when all he wants to do is wrestle, drink, smoke, and take pills? How he reacts to me being pregnant with our first child together?

I went to the next show that he was at and I had to tell him by then. Eddie had a match against some wannabe who want to be with some chick. Eddie totally destroy the guy and then he sees me. I waited for him so,I could tell him. When he saw me, I had to say something. "Eddie, I am not sure how to tell you. I thought I was sick, but, I don't think you would like this, but, I am pregnant" I said. "What?" ask Eddie. "I knew I should not told you this. It was a huge mistake" I said. Eddie was in shock of what I said, but, then he said something. "I can't believe you are" said Eddie. "Well, I don't know how will you handle it. It's for the best if I would be alone" I said. "No way, it's time for me to step up, chica. I want to be at your side, Lindsie. Don't forget that I love you" said Eddie. "I'm sorry. I thought you don't care" I said. "It's okay" said Eddie. We both hug and kiss. "Eddie, I know that there are things that make me question about" I said. "Like what?" ask Eddie. "You can't be smoking next to me nor you can't drink" I said. "What?" ask Eddie. I had to explain. "Do you understand?" I ask. "I think so" said Eddie. "I am sorry, but, this is for my own safety and for the baby" I said. "Never be sorry" said Eddie. We had to talk about it and then we went to my home. "So, this is where you live?" ask Eddie. "Yeah. It's home, but not fancy" I said. "It's fine. Better then my home" said Eddie. Eddie hold me. "This will be home for the three of us" said Eddie. For the next nine months was rough. Eddie swore to me that he would not drink or smoke while he was living in my house, but he forgot in the first two weeks, but, I had to remind him. Sure enough, he remember. In the next three months I had crazy cravings and Eddie tried to provided what I wanted. It was just insane. By my fourth month, I looked at my stomach and it was growing. Eddie was getting more matches and he get title shots left to right. As he came home, he did not want to make out with me, because he is tired. I did not know what was going on, but, I suspected that he was cheating. I did not wanted to believe it at first, but, then I was started to. One night, as Eddie came home after winning the Ring of Honor World Tag Team titles with Homicide, I started to question him. "Eddie, where were you?" I ask. "I am just coming home from a busy weekend and I am tired!" said Eddie. "Busy weekend! With what? A puta?" I ask. "A puta? Lindsie, where did you get this from?" ask Eddie. "You are never in the mood to make love with me!" I said. "Lindsie, chica, I am tired, because, I had been wrestling and because of this!" said Eddie as he pulled out the title. "Eddie! You won?" I ask him. "Yes, we beated Nick and Matt Jackson for the tag team titles and I am very sorry Lindsie, but, I also want to show you something" said Eddie. "Okay" I said. Eddie show me his championships that he won. "Eddie, I am very sorry of what I suspected" I said. "It's okay. I been working hard and I want to show you something else" said Eddie. "What is that?" I ask.

Eddie show me something that he wanted to waited until after I gave birth to our child, but, he felt this is the right time to do it. "Lindsie, I was wanted to tell you that I really love you and I want to marry you, so will you please be my wife?" ask Eddie as he got down on one knee. As I was about to say something, someone burst in. "What the heck?" I ask. "Don't do it!" said a voice. "What the heck? Austin Aries!" said Eddie and I. "I am here to stop this! Lindsie is pregnant with my child!" said Austin. "That's a lie!" I said. "It's true!" said Austin. "I don't get why you are lying, snowflake! But, you will pay!" said Eddie. "I can't believe this!" I said. Sure enough, Austin Aries had a way by proving with a video. We watch it and then I could not believe it. I had no choice but to kick both men out. I was so hurt. I don't believe that this would be true, but, if they were going to fight, they had to go outside, which they end up fighting. Three days later, Austin Aries return and he want to marry me by then, before the baby arrived. "I am not going to marry you!" I said. "Why not?" ask Austin. "Because, I am not ready and the baby will be coming!" I said. "But, that is not another five months!" said Austin. "We must wait until then!" I said. I was right. The next five months was just horrible. Austin Aries kept tabs on me and I tried to keep tabs on Eddie Kingston and sure enough, Eddie was on a very bad losing streak. As it was the ninth month and it was almost time for the baby to be born, I had Austin Aries stay away from me in distance. As I soon as I felt the baby kicked, I know that I wanted someone at my side. So, I contacted Eddie Kingston and sure enough, he quickly came at my side. As the baby kick again, I let Eddie feel it from my stomach. Sure enough as I welcome Eddie home, I end up going in labor. "Lindsie, I am here!" said Eddie. "Welco...uh..."I said. "Lindsie, what's wrong?" ask Eddie. Eddie see the wetness on the floor. "My water broke!" I said screaming. "We need to get you to a hospital, now!" said Eddie. I was taken to the hospital. As I got to the hospital, the doctor ask me who should be in the room. "WHAT? ALL I WANT IS EDDIE!" I said. "But, Lindsie, there is a guy who is here saying that he's the father" said the doctor. "Who?" I ask. The doctor show me a photo. "He claims to be the father" said the doctor. "He's not. I don't know why" I said. "Well, you have to choose" said the doctor. "I want my boyfriend in here!" I said. Sure enough, Eddie came in. "Lindsie, I am right here" said Eddie.

As I went into labor, Eddie grab my hand and I squeeze hard as possible. Eddie had a strong grip. As the baby is being born, I scream and cried so loud, I almost made Eddie losing his hearing. Suddenly, not only our first child was born, but, it seems that there was more than what we were expecting. Suddenly, there was three more. Suddenly we have four. It was rare enough they survived the nine month in my stomach, let alone no health problems as the doctor has told us. "So, what should we name our children?" ask Eddie. "Well, we can't. Austin wanted to take a paternity test to see who is the father of my children. But, I know that they are yours and I know what we will name them" I said. I know that the quadruplets have the same skin tone as Eddie. So, while the test was taken, I name the two girls Lauren Maria and Sonia Jasmine and the two boys Juan Edward and Ricardo Marcus. I wanted Eddie to hold them before some antics happened. As the doctor went to get Eddie for me, since he wanted to smoke outside, he found him clocked out. The doctor had to check on him. "Hey! Eddie! Lindsie has been asking for you" said the doctor. "Lauren Maria. He took my daughter!" said Eddie. "WHAT?" ask the doctor.  "As the nurse was taking Lauren Maria's sample to match it to mine, it was Austin Aries who took my daughter and he clocked me with something" said Eddie as he moans. The doctor pick him up and had him brought to my room. He told me what happened. "NO! NOT LAUREN MARIA! Why?" I ask. "He's knows the truth, but, he can't handle it" said Eddie. "Handle what?" I ask. The nurse came in and she brought the babies, and Lauren Maria is gone, but also brought the test results. The chief of staff end up calling the police and Eddie sat next to me in the bed. "I know I was right" I said as I was shedding tears. Eddie looked at me. "Chica, I will make sure of getting our daughter back!" said Eddie. "But, where is he?" I ask. Soon, the police came in and they ask us questions. Suddenly there was a note. 

It read:

Dear Lindsie,

If you want to see your daughter again, you must marry me today at the hospital church. Come alone. By the way, your wedding dress is at the nurse's station.


Austin Aries

PS. You need to dump that Eddie Kingston!

Eddie got very furious. "THAT SNOWFLAKE!" said Eddie. "Eddie! Please calm down!" I said. Our children cried. We had to act fast to calm them down. They needed to be fed, which I did. Suddenly, I need to get Lauren Maria. So, the nurses help me get ready so, I can get Lauren Maria. I could not walk as much due to being drained from delivering the quadruplets, but, the nurses bring me a wheelchair and took me to the church after I got the dress on. I took over so Austin don't get very suspicious of who got me here. As I enter in, Austin was wondering what is going on. "Why are you in a wheelchair?" ask Austin. "I am in a wheelchair, because I haven't rest my body after giving birth to Lauren Maria and her siblings" I said. "WHAT?" ask Austin. "Yeah, you haven't know that I had quadruplets. I was thinking that I had a heavy child carrying, but, four, that is a shocker. Now, where is Lauren Maria?" I ask. Austin brought her to me as she is crying. So, I had to feed her. Once she is fed, she is calm. "So, now we can get married?" ask Austin. "Fine" I said as I look sad, but, look at Lauren Maria. So, as the reverend do the ceremony, he ask the question that save our lives. "Does anyone object why these two should not married, speak now or forever hold your peace?" ask the reverend. It was silent for a minute, until, someone shouted. "STOP THIS WEDDING!" a voice said. I turn my head as the best I can. "Eddie!" I said. Sure enough it was Eddie alright.  Eddie came after Austin. I was shock to see what Eddie was wearing. As the two men battle, I quickly rolled out of the church with Lauren Maria. I headed towards a nurse's station. A nurse sees me. "Lindsie, are you okay?" ask the nurse. "No, Lauren Maria and I are scared" I said as Lauren Maria is crying.


The nurse understand and she takes me to my room. Meanwhile, the guys are fighting and it was really ugly. The two almost destroy the church. Austin ran fast and tried to look for me, but, got stop in the elevator. Eddie, quickly as he can, made it up to my room. "Where is he?" ask Eddie. "I don't know!" I said. "He hasn't made it to here?" ask Eddie. "Nope" I said. Eddie was about to go after Austin, but, he smiled, when he seen that Lauren Maria is safe. "They are all safe" I said. "Good" said Eddie. We looked at each other. "Uh..." I said. "What?" ask Eddie. "Nothing" I said. "Anyway, I wanted to do this, but, since I got rudely interrupted by a snowflake" said Eddie. "What's that?" I ask. "Lindsie, will you marry me, my sweet senorita?" ask Eddie as he pulls out this engagement ring. "Is that, a emerald engagement ring?" I ask. "Yes" said Eddie. "I do!" I said. Eddie place the engagement ring on my ring finger. A few days later, I got out of the hospital with the quadruplets and Eddie did the driving. We got home and all the cribs was set up and tested before I had the quadruplets lay in them. As they lay, I was smiling and Eddie look at me and then he look at the quadruplets. "They are so beautiful" said Eddie. "Like their father" I said. "No, more like their mother" said Eddie. Soon, we made out in our bedroom. As we made out, I had to think how our lives is going to effect us in the future. I looked at Eddie. "What's wrong chica?" ask Eddie. "Eddie, I feel something is not right" I said. "Listen, you don't need to worry" said Eddie. "I am not" I said. "Lindsie, what's really wrong?" ask Eddie. "Okay, I am really worry about the wedding. I know that we have a lot of planning to do and what's worse is that I don't know who I want as a maid of honor" I said. "Well, who do you have in mind?" ask Eddie. "Well, I am not going to have Sara Del Ray to come. She's way busy with her students, if I should called them students" I said. "What do you mean by?" ask Eddie. I told him about Sara is training Davina Rose, Britani Knight, and some of the other indy gals as well as the those models, bodybuilding freaks, former sports stars, and those whose father is a wrestler and they get in real easy. Eddie was not liking that I told him about the other gals, but, when he heard about the indy gals, he was pleased.


"What about Veda Scott?" ask Eddie. "I don't know. I tried to talk to her that night you were wrestling and sure enough I told her about you, she freaked out! I tried to mention you when I had to throw you and that punk, Aries, she was not happy, but, I tried not to mention to you, but, then there was one thing she said that she want you to do and she went through with it with the officials and Chest Flexor" I said. "What does she want?" ask Eddie. "She wanted you to team up with her against Gregory Iron and one of his Iron Curtain dorks in a hardcore tag team match" I said. "What? Sounds like a great match, but, wasn't that snowflake Tim Donst suppose to team up with her?" ask Eddie. "Sadly, he got attack and he suffer a back injury. Doctors did not want him to wrestle for the next five months, until he was cleared again. However, he tried to show up for the last show, but, Flexor had him removed from the building" I said. "Ha! That snowflake is so stubborn!" said Eddie. "So, will you do it?" I ask. "I will think about it" said Eddie. Sure enough, the quadruplets started to cry and I went to feed them. As I feed each one, Eddie help me get them to their playpen. We end up having dinner. Eddie and I talk about what we are going to do with the kids while we are on our honeymoon. "Eddie, we need to figure out who is going to be watching our kids while we are on our honeymoon" I said. "How about your mother?" ask Eddie. "I spoke to her, but, she got very upset with me" I said. "With what?" ask Eddie. "She got upset with me, due to the fact that she don't understand why her own grandchildren are a different skin color then her and I. I got mad and then I had to tell her that she wants to talk to my father about his side of the family and why do I think that the linage can trace to another country, besides England" I said. "What do you mean by?" ask Eddie. "Well my family has come from different countries, since my brother, my father, my mother, my grandparents, my aunts and uncles, and even me are born in this country, but others have been born somewhere else" I said. "You got me lost, chica" said Eddie. "How could I put this, I am Native American, English, Italian, Irish, but, I could be...well, I just don't know" I said. "You don't know what?" ask Eddie. I end up whispering it to him. Eddie was a little confused at first, but, he smiled.


"I don't care. You are my fiancee, soon to be my wife and I love you!" said Eddie. "Well, I tried to tell my mother" I said. "So, is she?" ask Eddie. "She will tell me tomorrow" I said. Soon, after we eat, Eddie went outside to smoke, while I clean up the dishes. Eddie was thinking about something. After I wash the dishes and start to dry them, Eddie came in and make sure his breath don't stink and he kiss me as I was drying the dishes. I felt so warm and I stop drying and turn around to kiss Eddie back. We end up making out. As we making out all the way to our room, I hear the quadruplets crying. I had to rock them to sleep. Eddie knows and he had to help me. So, we did. Then we went to bed. This is how it was for the first three months. Eddie start going back to wrestle. I took care of the quadruplets with the help of my mother, who decided that she should never hate her grandchildren, or she would regret that day she did. "Lindsie, what's going on with your wedding plans?" ask my mother. "Well, we are considering making it real easy and we can't cause any trouble for no one" I said. "Okay, but, where are you two going on your honeymoon?" ask my mother. "I haven't thought about it, but, I am considering to take him to Puerto Rico" I said. "What? Are you sure?" ask my mother. "Yeah, I am" I said. "Does he know?" ask my mother. "I was going to surprise him" I said. "I hope you know what you are doing" said my mother. "I am" I said. Maybe my mother is right. Eddie came home on Monday and he was tired. I let him rest while I fed the quadruplets. After our children was fed, Eddie woke up. "Morning Lindsie" said Eddie. "Morning Eddie. Rough weekend?" I ask. "Yeah, they are having a tournament for the title, due to the fact that Adam Cole vacated the title. So, the tournament is not over" said Eddie. "Well, I been thinking about our honeymoon" I said. "So, where do you want to go?" ask Eddie. "Puerto Rico?" I ask. "Are you sure?" ask Eddie. "Yeah, I thought it would be nice to give it to you" I said. Eddie smiled and then he kiss me. "I do want to go see the place that my family came from" said Eddie.


"Cool" I said. Eddie help me take care of the quadruplets while we talk about the wedding. "How many are we going to have?" I ask. "300?" ask Eddie. "300? I think 500" I said. "That's doesn't sound right" said Eddie. "Well, what else should I say? You got your family and I got mine!" I said. "Well, I hope you did not invite anyone we don't like!" said Eddie. "Well, let's look at the list" I said. So, we did. We seen how many and we are thinking that it's really nuts that we are having many people. "So, how we are going to handle this?" ask Eddie. "Well, I don't know" I said. After we got the quadruplets in their playpen, Eddie and I had to do a table arrangement seating. "No, we are not going to put anyone near the bar! I do not want anyone get so drunk before the first dance!" I said. "Well, what about your parents?" ask Eddie. "Well, I do not want to talk about this" I said. "What?" ask Eddie. "I don't want to say a word about my father" I said. "Lindsie, what's wrong, chica?" ask Eddie. "It's my father, I know he won't do it" I said. "Do what?" ask Eddie. "He won't walk me down the aisle" I said as I start to shed tears. "Why not?" ask Eddie. I had to explain the reason and Eddie was in shock. "He is being so stubborn about this" said Eddie as he started to wipe my tears away. "Well, that is how it is" I said. Eddie kiss me. "I am only going to be with you, no matter what" said Eddie. We had to talk about when we are getting married. Soon, we had to tell everyone. Most of our families were glad, but, there was one who is not, my father. It was very bad when my father got greedy. He start to drive a wedge between Eddie and me. It started a few days after our announcement when he came to find me.

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