Election 2014 Afghanistan and Afghan women role!

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During these 12 years after fall of the Taliban, it is told us that you have the same right as men in Afghanistan. They gave 25% of parliament chairs to women. They made ministry of women's affairs that I always hate it! (It seems we are separate group of society) and I do not know what exactly they are doing there!

Some Afghan women believed all of the show and they thought they have the same right as men. But they could not leave home without permission of their father, Husband or their brother and sometimes their uncle!

They cannot decide which person they want to marry and if they are going to work they defiantly need the male member of family's permission.

An Afghan woman could not live alone because she could not find any house or apartment to rent. By chance if she finds one, the neighbors start to abuse! 

And now, just one woman registered as candidate for presidential election. The most serious candidate Fauzia Kufi just did not run for presidency and she made the right decision. It is a long way to reach that goal and it is not appropriate time. I think Afghan women understood that they should start from home to have a right as human.

Violence is not starting in the parliament and the government. It is starts and ends in the families!




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