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Electricity is the necessary need of our daily lives now.

Without electricity our many works stops.

Uses of electricity:-


Electricity is use in many needs of our daily life.

Electricity is use in homes, offices, schools, workshops, hospitals and markets etc.

In home we use many things which used electricity to switch on like Ac, fans, lights etc.

In school we use electricity to turn on lights, fans, doing chemical and physical practicals in labs and computers to make students to learn their studies.

In offices we use ac, fans, laptops or computers etc. In workshops we use many things or we can say all things of electricity.

So we got this point that electricity is importance for us to do many important things of life.

Condition of electricity in Pakistan:-

In Pakistan the condition of electricity is very bad.

Pakistan is facing many problems and one of the big problems is load shedding.


Because in Pakistan the stupid, mean or we can say the government is not doing anything to solve this problem.

Nowadays I have heard that electricity is going for 21 hours and the wapda is not doing anything.

May I know why it’s happening with us?

Why nawaz sharif is not doing anything?

Before elections he was saying when our government will come first we will solve this issue so why it’s not being solved tilled now.

Why Pakistan is surfacing from this hell??

I can just pray for Pakistan it’s my request from the government solve this hell because load shedding is the biggest problem of us.

Peoples don’t have jobs, in summer it’s too much hot peoples are dying and peoples don’t have work to do so some peoples are dying because of they don’t anything to eat.

I think or maybe I have converted my point to all of you.

May ALLAH may bless Pakistani.


Mahnoor raja!!!!!

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