Empress Ki (TV series)

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Empress Ki tells of a beautiful aristocrat named Ki (Ha), a Korean-born woman, who eventually became the leader in China in the Yuan dynasty. The story underlines Ki (Ha) which is very wise in the lead, as well as a fatal step in its decision.
Ji Chang Wook Hwan who plays Ta should be dying at the hands of the woman he loves that Ki Seung Nyang.
Ji Chang Wook managed to portray a unique character, with cool attitude, nasty, too good-natured and willing to do anything for the sake of the woman he loves.
Throughout his life Ta Hwan live with fear if Ki Seung Nyang will leave her side. Ta Hwan also do anything to Ki Seung Nyang always at his side, including killing a man who is close to that Wang Yoo Ki.
Ta Hwan (Ji Chang Wook) died after the toxin spreads in the body. He did not believe that he was poisoned by someone who he believes is his loyal servant Ta Gol. Ki Seung Nyang (Ha Ji Won) hug the body tightly Ta Hwan. Tears streaming down her cheeks continues Empress after losing Ta Ki Hwan.
In fact, Ta Ki Seung Hwan and Nyang had together to get rid of their enemies. After Ta Hwan died, Ki Seung Nyang should rule the people alone. End of story makes Empress Ki dramatic and sad.

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