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After reading Micky-the-slanted-salerno blog post about reviewing movies regarding women empowerment, I found myself seeing something that made me nostalgic. That's right it's that movie, "Enchanted". I remember seeing this movie when I was still young, and I found it to be an amazing creation made by Disney. I remember watching this movie in my teens and couldn't help go wow and I soon found myself rewatching Enchanted and found myself falling in love with it all over again.

✥Enchanted Movie✥


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Enchanted is a romantic comedy movie with a dose of fantasy and singing, a lot of singing. It was released in November 2007. It was directed by Kevin Lima and was written by Bill Kelly. It's a production of Walt Disney Pictures and Sonnenfeld and Josephson Entertainment.

It is a movie that contains various tropes from Disney's various past works, like talking to various critters, poisoned apples, falling into a deep sleep, and many more. The filming for the live action was done in New York while the animation was done by James Baxter Animation. At that time, the idea used for the movie was an original concept, making use of a combination of traditional animation, live action movie, and CGIs.

The movie was so well-received that it won plenty of awards, including the Best Actress award and the Best Fantasy Film award.

✥The Story✥


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The movie starts out in the traditional animation format, here, our villain, the queen is plotting on how she can keep her throne in lieu of her stepson, Prince Edward the rightful king to the throne, once he gets married to his true love. She hatches plans with her minion Nathaniel on how to stop this from happening.

Meanwhile, our fair damsel to be in distress meets our charming prince after being saved by him. Afterward, they soon fall in love with each other and plans to get married.

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On the day of the wedding, Narissa plots, and Giselle tumbles... I mean, pushed down a well (or is it a portal), and our intrepid damsel soon pops out of a sewer's manhole into reality New York in full 3D and looking like a lunatic.

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Not knowing where she is, Giselle soon becomes lost (as well as homeless). She then meets the Philip family consisting of Robert, a jaded cynical lawyer and his 6-year-old daughter Morgan. At the insistence of his daughter, Robert allows Giselle to live with them.

Due to Pip alerting him of what happened to Giselle, Prince Edward follows Giselle to New York, by way of a magic mirror. Nathaniel soon follows him to impede him from finding Giselle and is soon armed with three poisoned apples.

Giselle, while staying with the Philip family, soon calls all matter of critters (just like Snow White) and cleans up the house. This is where Nancy, Robert's girlfriend arrives and meets Giselle and misunderstood that Robert is cheating on her. Giselle to help set the misunderstanding right, asks Robert about his true feelings for nancy (by singing) and try to help repair their relationship by sending Nancy an invitation to the "King and Queen's Costume Ball" at the Woolworth Building. 

Soon Edward finds Giselle and wanted to bring her back to Andalasia to get married, but Giselle, feeling unsure about their relationship asks Edward to go on a date first. They soon arrive at the ball wherein Nathaniel follows them and fails to poison Giselle twice.

At the end of the ball, Robert and Giselle dance together and is soon gazing at each other's eyes romantically.

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Soon Giselle and Edward start to leave, leaving Giselle sad about leaving Robert. Pretty soon Narissa arrives and gives Giselle the last poisoned apple.

After eating the apple, Giselle loses consciousness ala Snow White, and Narissa tries to escape with her body but is stopped by Edward. Nathaniel after realizing that Narissa never truly loved him reveals her plot. Robert soon realizes that a true love's kiss is needed to break the spell. Prince Edward kisses Giselle but to no avail. Knowing that he is not Giselle's true love, he makes way for Robert to kiss Giselle. When Robert kisses her, Giselle wakes up.

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Narissa furious at her plot being thwarted becomes a dragon and takes Robert hostage. Giselle rescues Robert by taking Edwards sword and confronting Narissa at the top of the tower and soon defeats her.


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Afterward, after many trials and tribulations, we are seen with a happily ever after, Giselle is now living happily with her new family Robert and Morgan, as well as becoming a successful fashion designer.

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Nancy (now in 2D) is living in Andalasia and getting married to Prince Edward.

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Nathaniel and Pip are now successful authors, after writing about their experience in the real world.

✥My Movie Review✥

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I found the movie to be both unique and innovative at the time it was produced. The movie is both engaging and fun, the story just sucks you in. The movie gives you a false start with its traditional animation, then after toying with our expectation, the movie kicks you in the face, it soon transports the audience from animation to reality.

At the start of the movie you would think that Edward and Giselle are perfect for each other but pretty soon Disney pretty much tosses their old age adage of Prince + Princess = Happy ending.

I also love how the movie seems to be both a tribute to Disney's past works and as well as it is a parody of their various tropes. Just look at the characters.

Queen Narissa - The queen who seems like a cross between the Evil Queen in Snow White, Maleficent in Sleeping Beauty, and the Wicked Stepmother in Cinderella. To stop his stepson from marrying his true love and losing her throne, she was the one who sent Giselle into 3D reality.

Prince Edward - The rightful king of the kingdom of Andalasia as well as being the stepson of Queen Narissa. Seems to be an amalgamation of all the different Prince Charming, good-looking, athletic, naive, and a bit prideful. At first, his character seems to be a bit 2 Dimensional and a bit bland. He fell in love at first sight or is it at first song. but as the story progress from him chasing Giselle to him maturing and knowing that he is not her true love, gives way to Giselle's true love.

Giselle -  The main character, with her singing and talking to animals, her character seems to be a cross between Snow White and Cinderella. She starts out as a girl singing and passively looking for her love. She is waiting for her Prince Charming without even doing anything. At the start of the movie, Giselle seems like your typical princess, naive, innocent, optimistic and most especially childish. As the story progress, her character develops and she matures a soon she no longer passively live her life waiting for an opportunity to come, but she seizes it with her own hands.

Robert Philip - The divorced lawyer. He is jaded enough to be cynical in life to not believe in fairy tales and happy endings. He has a daughter named Morgan from his previous marriage. He is the modern day prince to our traditional princess. He starts out not trusting Giselle but still helps her at the insistence of his daughter and soon founds himself slowly falling in love with her.

Morgan Philip - Robert's daughter, at her insistence, Giselle was able to live with them. She trusts Giselle right from the start and still believes in fairy tales and magic.

Pip - Giselle's chipmunk friend from Andalasia. He can communicate and talk normally in Andalasia, but when he arrives into 3d reality, he became a normal chipmunk and loses his ability to speak.

Nancy Tremaine - Robert's girlfriend, her name comes from Cinderella's stepmother.

 ✥One Final Note✥

Enchanted is a movie that shows that good ending and happily ever after can still come from today's modern world of commercialism and greed. Pretty soon Giselle truly finds out what true love is and how different it was from her puppy love with the prince. It shows that even damsels in distress, like princesses, can be empowered to become strong women that can stand up on their own, grasp the opportunities that come their way, kick ass and even save their man.


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