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When a person or a single entity starts a business on a smaller level this phenomenon is called Entrepreneurship.

 Pakistan's economy is going through its worst era .There is need to spread awareness and know how about the concept of Entrepreneurship by the general people. If people will understand how to utilize the minimum available resources in the best possible way on the right time then they can become a successful Entrepreneur  and those Entrepreneur can put forward Pakistan on the road of development economically. It will help to reduce the level of unemployment in Pakistan.

An Entrepreneur is not only responsible for his own employment but it also develops an opportunity for some other people to get employment to.

SMEDA (Small and Medium Enterprises Authority ) is the most active organization in Pakistan which is encouraging people to start their own business and get independent recently our government has initiated a very large project with SMEDA by which thousands of people will be given loan to start their own business.


This is very appreciable step taken by the current government. Now I hope that our young generation will avail this opportunity and will invest this money efficiently in profitable business.

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