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Good!you have managed to log on to your internet service provider (ISP), and you have activated the internet software on your new PC. You have also succeeded in sending e – emails and attachments to all your feiends. What mext? What else would you like to do with this amazing communications technology?

Through your ISP you now have access to a nuge store of information which includes text , graphics, sound and video. This is the Worldwide Web (www), and  the information is stored on many millions of websites. Whatever you`re interested in, there are sites to discover, and information to download and print out.

Why not start using the web to learn more about Subjects you study at school?

There are many different sites to choose from. For example, you`ll enjoy visiting


for information on anything and everything form African rain forests to Antarctic ice sheehs. lf you`re interested in technology, you`ll  also  love   exploring


with  its excellent diagrams and easy- to- understand explanations of every thing from satellite  dishes to CD players.

The internet is great when tou`re planning a trip . you can download and print out travel information, including maps and photos of your destination and vaccinons that you might need. You can then compare fligts and prices to find the best deal. Finally, when you`re happy with everything, you can oay for it online.

If you want up- to- the- minte sports news, you`ll find it on the internet. Newspaper and TV network websites offer reprts about sporst results, along with all the latest results. You`ll also beamazed  at the number of other your favorite team`s website.

When you start to use the net, time passes very quickly, so there`s something you should remember to do before you begin. Check with whover pays the bills in your family. Make sure that wrong and impolite sites not good; you should visit useful websites for getting more useful information and also  for  your  knowledge capacity building.

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Roqia Akbary lives in Herat Afghanistan. She is student at Ali Sher Nawaie High School in 11th Class, she was born in jule 1997.She likes football and basketball, her favorite subject is English and Computer and favorite color is blue. She likes writing blogs in Film Annex.

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