Fact of Life

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Fact of Life

This world where we are living is full of joys and sorrows. We all face many anxieties, failures, happiness, sorrows, worries, difficulties and hurdles so on in our daily life.

When we are happy, we forget everything and continue to live our life with joys and happiness, but when we are sad, we just hate everything and sit in a dark room, just cry and consider that we are nothing and no one cares about us. We hate to talk with anyone who really cares about us, just because of that person who hurt us.

 We just sit lonely and make innocent faces like that no one is innocent like us. We leave to eat things; we don’t give time to our family and friends. We leave our work and continue to cry bitterly.

We just cut off everything in our life and sometimes we just try to commit sucide.lol but that’s true. We don’t even want to think that, this bad time won’t last forever.   

That’s ridiculous. But this is the fact of life. Human being is very sensitive creature of this world. He loses his courage when he is depressed. Sometimes he really wants to be depressed don’t know the reason but that’s true.

We should remember that we have just this one life to spend. There is no other chance for us to come back in this world after our death. So why don’t we spend our life with full of joys and forget our worries. Whenever we face worries and difficulties in life, we should try to overcome that by saying to our self that this won’t last forever. This bad time would surely pass away some day.

We all should be thankful to Allah for this glorious and joyful life and should have patience to overcome the hurdles in our bad times.  We should be honest with our as well as others feelings and we should try not to hurt others by any means.


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