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This disparity results in the declining standards of education across the country as females consists more than the half of a population of Pakistan.Unless both genders male and female contribute in the mainstream of life on equal footings how can the country can be put on the road to enlightenment. The disparity between the male and female education is one cause of decline in education while disparity between languages (especially English and Urdu) is another crucial factor in the current decline of education in Pakistan.

The disparity between Urdu and English medium educational institutions in Pakistan are the source of creating two distinct poles in the education sector.English language has long been associated with the expansion of English from its homeland in England and the lowland of Scotland .The Britishers influence with their expanding empires across the world (in the colonial era) is the primary reason for the initial spread of English far beyond the UK .Following the World War 2 the increased economic and cultural influence of the US led to English permeating many other cultures,chiefly through development of telecommunication technology .

In Pakistan the private education sector is majorly dominated with an English Culture.This has turned out an English linguistic imperialism even through we have been made a free nation since 67 years .Dr Robert Phillipson defines English linguistic imperialism as the dominance asserted and maintained by the establishment and continuous reconstitution of the structural and cultural inequalities between English and other languages English language prevails and maintains its domination in the post colonical context in Pakistan as far as the education sector is concerned .The linguistic imperialism has resulted in creating a sharp class distinction between those who can afford the English based education and those cannot.A lopsided social and cultural fabric is the direct outcome of the disparity in the education.


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