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Whenever we have a discussion on fashion this question arouse in everyone mind that what fashion actually is.??  So first of all we have to get the answer of this question so fashion is. Actually follow the trends of society but it does not mean that everyone should wear whatever others wear everybody has the right to wear whatever he likes to wear or whatever suits to his personality in this way we can say to keep ourselves up to date is also called fashion.

These days there is the fashion whatever everybody wears so everybody is free to wear whatever he wants under this vast category. There are several kinds of fashion even we can say that every nation has its own fashion. Every nation has its own fashion according to its tradition. So everybody follow the trends which comforts him,

These days the view about fashion is very narrow according to some people as they consider fashion as vulgarity they thought in a narrow manner as they thought that we could not follow the trends and fashions as they lead our nation to vulgarity and they are against our religion as we have make it sure before every nation has its own fashion so this is quiet wrong to imagine that fashions lead us against religions. We should keep in our mind the simplicity is an important part of fashion.

As in India there is the fashion of Sari, Maxi, in Pakistan their people wear Shalwar kameez, in England people wear pent shirts, froks So we cannot take fashion in a short manner because it is very vast and broad in itself it have all kinds of national traditions in itself as it is very broad net work of making people well aware that what they should wear to keep them up to date.

So I suggest everyone that everybody must follow fashions and trends so that they can represent their nation in a very well manners….!!!


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