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Fashion is not only a term that defines style it’s the overall personality of a person. Fashion is something that you adopt to make yourself glamorous or to make you different from other persons. It’s the style of person that he is known for. It’s the physical layout of a person of how he carry himself which is much important.

Somehow taking care of your dressing and appearance is known to be fashion. Making your personality attractive and impressive is the main subject of enrolling yourself in fashion. As it’s a well-known proverb

First Impression is the Last Impression

 so when someone see you for the very first time ,his main focus goes to your dressing which will be impressive enough if you are well dressed.


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Fashion Develops Confidence

People give fashion much importance because if you are not going with the fashion of the era you are seemed to be after time. That is a good thing to be with time. Fashion creates your personality. It develops your personality. And a person with having an impressive personality, have confidence in himself.

When you are well dressed you would be able to deal with a person in a more persuasive manner but if you don’t have confidence in yourself also then you would not be able to persuade that person. Making yourself confident on what you are wearing is really important.

Believe in yourself, sometimes peoples are wearing a very good and stylish dress but they don’t have confidence in them that create a mess and even a good dress can’t give their personality a positive impact.

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What actually Fashion is?

Fashion is a popular style or practice, especially in clothing, footwear, accessories, makeup, body, or furniture. Fashion is a distinctive and often constant trend in the style in which a person dresses. It is the prevailing styles in behaviour and the newest creations of textile designers. 

                                                                                                                                         Definition Taken From Wikipedia

Checkout the people's thoughts about fashion in this video

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Fashion is not to follow other people, it’s your own style with which you are comfortable with, which you feel easy and convenient. Beside fashion your own ease is much important, going through a fashion that doesn’t even make you feel comfortable is just not god or beneficial for you.

People can feel that you are not being all right with that sort of dressing. You can make your own style, you yourself can generate it. And if your style is making you look good so people start following it and your fashion become the fashion of the era.

Fashion can only said like a thing which make you look good, no matters whether it’s in the market or not. You can go opposite to what others are doing if it is making you attractive. Personal satisfaction is a main factor, be OK with your appearance. 


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Inventing A Fashion

Giving time to your dressing and personality is not wastage of time it’s like grooming yourself. Starting with something and getting better day by day. No one can be a fashion hit in one day; you have to give time to yourself. Day by day when you make experiments with yourself it makes you understand that what is good for you or what is not good.

Making experiments is very important, because if you are scared to wear something that is different then you will never get that which is suitable for you. Cleanliness is also a main part with that.  Being stylish is a good thing; it’s a proud that your style is to be copied by someone. Sometimes it often happen that you are wearing such dress that is somehow different from other people, at that moment if you lose your confidence that I’m not looking good will make you fall down, but if you confidently carry it then it automatically start suiting you.


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Shoes in Fashion

Not only your dressing refer to the fashion terminology, all other things your makeover you hairstyle your skin your personal hygiene your shoes etc. According to a research, it’s proved that whenever a person sees you he firstly looks at your feet or shoes, after that he sees your face. So taking much importance on dressing and leaving your feet not done is like knocking yourself down.


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SkinCare And Trending Fashions

Skincare is very important when you are facing someone your style is enhanced by the freshness of your face. Somehow a well-dressed person is more confident than a mediocre one even though he would know a lot more but his first impression doesn’t give you a good feeling.

Working on your personality is much important in that manner. Now days, people are getting aware of how to groom themselves which is a very good sign. In the modern age of internet getting in touch with the fashion industry is not a big task it’s much easy. You can easily get to know what is in fashion and what is not.


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Fashion defines you is not wrong because when you are not speaking when your words your education your sound is not reaching someone ,the thing that goes on is your style and the appearance. Be with the need of the age is not a bad thing, it’s your requirement.

Fashion is not only concern with the people that are related to media or fashion industry, it relates to a common man. Fashion becomes fashion when our common man start following it, if people cannot communicate with the fashion then it can’t be successful. Taking out such a fashion that is acceptable to everyone in society is much necessary.


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Fashion Never Remains Constant


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Things and fashion change day by day and are getting updated with the passage of time, sometimes something is in fashion and after a few days it becomes out of fashion, and it is the necessity of fashion industry that people need change so alternations are occurring all the time.


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Everyone wants to look different from the other person that’s why each one adopts the fashion according to himself. Everyone has its own style of carrying themselves. Fashion is the need or can be said that the requirement if you want to be with time and want to chase your progress.

Making yourself cut down with the fashion is not possible you have to follow it in one way or the other for the successful development of your personality. Make yourself advance with the age. Living back to time is harmful for a person.  Creating your personality is not only good for you but also for your future. Your dealing with a person can be more effective with attractive outlook, work on what you are develop yourself that whoever talk to you not only get impressed by your word but also by your style.


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Why fashion Industory is love? See in this video

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