Fashion Globalization

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I'm on my long flight to Shanghai heading to one of the most important textile shows in the World, including fabric suppliers from Italy, Japan, Korea and of course China.More and more international garment brands are targeting Asia as main growing market, specifically
Italian apparel manufacturers because "made in Italy" still has an high value in this Continent.
Asian women (more than men) are attracted by fashion trendy clothes at any kind of retail prices.
Men are more attracted by showing that they can afford and wear a famous and expensive brand.

China is an huge market with long term potential growing both for inexpensive designer clothes( Zara, H&M and Uniqlo)
as well as expensive products (Zegna, Brioni, LV etc): You can easily find stores with 4-5000 usd leather jackets just to make an example.
Worldwide clothes designer are opening new stores in Asia or making joint ventures with local companies that control the distribution.
In fact, distribution is really the key of this business where the demand of good designer clothes/accessory is very strong .
it's the opposite situation of Western World were there is an exceeding offer of production to a not motivated market to shop for higher quality.

On parallel, manufacturing fabrics, register a slowdown in production all over Asia and it contradicts the retail growth.
This could be explain with rising cost of production in China, but also because Asian public is more acknowledge on the fabric quality and
they are rewarding designer clothing manufacturer that prioritize quality to quantity, so European suppliers are having a good growth in terms of
output even if their prices are double that Chinese ones.
Hopefully this will help Fashion to keep their quality higher in Asia than in US and Europe, where economy issues force many brand to lower their standards.

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