Fashion in Afghanistan

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Being stylish and chic is now a part of the youths’ lives in Afghanistan. There are many different modern Markets that only sale Fashionable items not only in Herat, but in all parts of Afghanistan.

Millie Center is one of those Modern places that only Fashionable items are sold there. Tens of hundreds of girls and boys are coming here in order to buy clothes, shoes, perfume, and etc.

Jawid is a 24-year-old guy who is in a fashion parlor at this shopping center. He says, that, “Every month I must come to this shopping center to buy perfumes and other necessary fashionable items.” He says that to be stylish is not his habit but it is a need for him.

There are not only some boys who are fashionable, but there are some girls too.

Shayma is also at this shopping center that has come to buy clothes for her.  She says, “The character of a person is now depended on the way of wearing, too.” If one wears dirty clothing and to wear in a disorder manner, people do not reckon on her or him anywhere. Thus, I am always trying to be pretty stylish and clean.

Fashion is something that now expands in all Afghan provinces among the youths. They even wear clothing in accordance with the new styles that release by the designers of the world through interenet, and social networks

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