Afghan Elections 1393

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Thousands of eligible refer to election voting card distribution centers every day. Tens of eligible people are going to the election centers in order to register their names as presidential and provincial council candidates.

Afghan people are getting preparation for the 1-16-1393 elections by receiving election voting cards.

It is believed across the world that the more the people attend in their nation’s elections, a better president will be elected.

When only half or more than half of the people among eligible ones attend the elections, it is bright that it will not have a good outcome; such an election is not the decision of all the people who live in a country. Hence, all the people of a nation should attend the elections for more satisfaction.

On the other hand, the complete implementation of democracy is on that time when all the people have got election voting cards, and they vote the one they think that person is well-competent.

Afghanistan is a country with more than 30 million people. There for, they look forward to attending most of eligible ones in the upcoming Afghan presidential and provincial council elections.

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