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Long since, women have been struggling hard for their rights. Many movements have been organized for this task as feminism. There appeared a great wave of awareness about basic rights among women. Especially, in Europe women lunched great processions and worked a lot for this purpose.  As a result, apparently great changes appeared in social out look towards women. But in my view women are still in the same condition. As they are suppressed and oppressed in the same way as they used to be in the past. Though men are superior to women and it is acceptable because God has given them this superiority, this superiority is of one step and it is never said that women must be suppressed. But it is just outcome of evil thoughts, bad nature, conservative thinking and substandard ambitions and immorality of men they take women to be lifeless objects.




After all, Prophet (PBUH) says. “Reasons are the roof of my realigns”.


Being Muslims and being humans, we must try to find out its reason. First women herself is the cause of her slavery. If she stops considering herself a “Protected Sex” She can make herself strong and brave to fight with this cruel and male dominating society.

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