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As radio and television have evolved over the years, so has the internet, and at a hyperbolic pace, especially the role advertising plays as brand budgets gravitate from traditional media to online campaigns. Advertising budgets have risen exponentially in the past few years embracing this “new” frontier, entering at times the world of the unknown, which unfortunately and unwittingly includes fraudulent and bot online traffic. It is Film Annex’ intention to make our piece of digital real estate an environment of honesty and integrity; protecting Brands, Advertisers, Ad Networks and our valued content creators who trust our environment amongst the all complexity that is the World Wide Web.

With this in mind, Film Annex utilizes the tools available through top fraud detection agencies in the digital world, to monitor and protect its communities of websites. This ensures the quality of traffic that its partner Brands, Advertisers and Ad Networks have found comfort in and trusted in the past 8 years of Film Annex’ existence, which showcased the work of 40,000 professional filmmakers and 250,000 writers and social media experts.

In addition to our third party detection agencies, Film Annex has developed the BuzzScore, a proprietary algorithm, which measures the quality of content uploaded to its platform, and the social media influence this content generates through social media sharing and interactions, financially rewarding both the content producer and the viewer with digital currency, namely Bitcoin. In utilizing the BuzzScore, we create a direct link between the content uploaded on our varied sites to our promotion and rewards system, ensuring that real people, real behaviors and real results are presented to our advertising partners. 

Film Annex has introduced an online Marketplace for its community to allow for direct exchange of Bitcoin earnings to Electronic Gift Cards associated to products and services of our advertisers. This promises a direct correlation between our content creators/user to Advertising Sales and a defined ROI.

Film Annex has partnered with Women's Annex Foundation and Craig Newmark, Founder of Craigslist, to open its 11th Media Lab at the Amina Fadawi High School in Kabul reaching approximately 4750 female students. Women’s Annex Foundation is a platform that was stemmed off of Film Annex to enable 55,000 women and girls to empower themselves through self-expression of their thoughts and ideas through film, videos, blogs and social media.

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