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In my previous blog I have told you people about Film annex- social media that pays. I have told you about buzz score, revenue and which types of blogs or movies you can upload on Film annex. In my blog I am going to tell you how film annex is better than other social websites. As every one of us knows that Film annex is the unique media that honors the talent, passion and struggle of a person and rewards him in Bitcoin. Film annex is the only social media which pays in digital currency Bitcoin and one can generate maximum revenue through this.

There are thousands of websites which provide online job for the people but these sites are not trusted most of them are fake sites which only waste the time and energy of a person. But Film Annex is the trusted site and since many years it is providing its services. In the start it pays revenues in dollars but now it pays revenue in Bitcoin without any fraud. One can blindly trust Film annex and can take full advantage of this social media and it is paying 245 countries of the world.

The Film annex is the real platform from where one can prove his skills. The thing which I come to know about other online jobs is that for such sites one has to increase visitors of the site and I don’t think that one can show his abilities by increasing the number of visitors. But Film annex is the only sites through which one can show his film making, writing skills and even photography in the form of gallery. Our dedication and hard work is truly valued by this social media. Mark Kuczewski, a filmmaker at Film annex said “It is a great way for people to showcase their work and generate a revenue that they can use for future projects.”

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Film annex network has two sites one Film annex and second Women annex. Film annex is website for every one for blogging and film making. Women’s  annex is focused on woman its services is for the improvement of woman condition and it has literary changed the condition of women in Afghanistan Here let me tell you the comments of  Fereshteh Forough who is Blogger & Community Manager at Women’s Annex. Fereshteh was born in Afghanistan but living in New York. She said :“Digital Literacy for women works because of the Bitcoin payments to the women of Women’s Annex. This money is literally changing the lives of women in my home country. ” .Now I am asking from you people to tell me whether there is such another media which is working for the betterment of woman around the globe?? NO there is no other such website.

Women's Annex Foundation Logo, Film Annex Logo and Bitcoin banner background.

 In Film annex community there are 245 countries which work under the banner of one outstanding platform one and only FILM ANNEX it has broaden our horizon and it made the world global village. We work with people from all over the world we communicate with them and we have learnt about culture, feelings and civilization of other countries. It has given us a friendly atmosphere. Again there is no other such site which can do this.

Film annex has revolutionized the world with digital literacy by paying in digital currency. It is supporting women and it has made omen independent and bold. This media has also developed the creativity, one can share his efforts with the world and profit from his creativity. It has shrunken the distances and gathered the people in one place. It is profitable and trusted site I have never seen such site before.

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