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Based on the upcoming new features on Film Annex, we decided to ask some questions from our web developer Lorenzo Meriggi about the important new features and how they will help users share and generate revenues.

FA: One of the main upcoming features of the new Film Annex version is the "Micro Blogs"? How does it work?

LM: The microblogs will be important for Film Annex since they will allow our users to communicate directly with each other and engage them into global conversations.
Microblogs can be standalone. You can tag people in them and #hashtag them like on Twitter by creating links to the related @person and #content.

FA:  How is the new "Buzz" button different from the other sharing buttons?

LM: The Buzz button in the beta is our sharing button. It is tied to the core of Film Annex. We are thinking about removing the other sharing buttons entirely too, so it may become the only button on the new Film Annex.

FA:  What was the idea behind the creation of those new features and how does it relate to the other functions like content flow?

LM: Film Annex Founder Francesco Rulli has the idea of a sharing button made for Film Annex that could be embedded on external websites too (coming soon), so we created the Buzz button.
It is very tied to the content flow, enriching the content that is shown to the user, with others users' comments. This will surely make the user experience more engaging and unique.

Fereshteh Forough - Film Annex Senior Editor

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