FOMO - “Fear Of Missing Out”

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This is an excerpt  from  the article “FOMO”, written by Ron DeBoer; posted at “A Christian Journey” column, at

FOMO is an acronym for “Fear Of Missing Out”


These photos show people are always on their phones wherever they are, to be updated on all things.


 This past summer, the folks at the head offices of the Oxford English Dictionary added the word FOMO to its storied book of definitions, officially recognizing this newly invented word.


The letters are an acronym for “ fear of missing out ”, a phenomenon that has become exacerbated by the ever-growing social-media universe of Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.


People who suffer from FOMO have an acute anxiety they are missing something that is going on —  a conversation, a party, an opportunity. FOMO usually keeps people glued to their smartphone, tablet, and laptop.

What if someone posts something on Facebook that everyone else will know about but not me?What if something significant happens in the news tonight and all my coworkers know about it except me?

If you’ve got a teenager at home, you’ll know about this anxiety and the constant monitoring of texts and status updates.

But more and more adults are on edge and suffering from FOMO. What if I miss that big investment or real-estate opportunity? I’d better check my email before bed in case my boss sent me something.




As I said at the beginning of this article, many people have a fear of missing out. There are even more people who don’t know what they’re missing!

But they are searching and longing for something. It’s deep within their hearts. Maybe it’s a feeling deep inside of you.


Know that the only fear you need have in this life is that of missing out on the promise that Jesus is your Savior, that he died on the cross for your sins, and that he wants you to believe in him so that you can spend your days in eternity.


Other than that, you’re really not missing anything!



Are you missing on the most  important in the world and in your life?  ...  I hope you are not.


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