Food Expiration Date Awreness

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    Are you aware on the expiration date of the food you buy on the super market or groceries? Well I guessed most of us if not all are aware of this. We don't want to buy expired food, do we? Since I have a small store I am very particular with this because I don't want my customers to complain about expired food from my store. If somebody found out that I am selling expired foods or goods, that will create a negative impact on my store. Every time I go to the grocery to buy goods for my store I always check the expiration date, the longer the better. 

    Not all foods specially small candies have written expiration date like in the picture below. Its expiration date is written on the package and not individually. How can I ensure that I can monitor its expiration date? Since candies are mostly the best seller in my store I don't have problem with the monitoring. In some candies or small goods which took almost 3 months to sell all I'm implementing "first in first out" to avoid becoming expired before I can sell it.

     Some store like mine are retailing medicines which can buy without doctor's prescription like paracetamol or analgesic. It's expiration date is not written individually so there's a possibility that you can buy expired medicine if the vendor is not aware of this. Look at the picture below, it's expiration date is written on one portion only. What I do to avoid selling expired medicines is I don't cut the portion where the expiration date was written so that I can monitor it.

    I cannot eliminate expiration of the goods I sell but I can eliminate selling it. Every month I do inventory to check what are the items near expiration. At least 2 weeks before the expiration date and I cannot sell it then I will be the one who will consume it or give it to my relatives to avoid it to be wasted.

     There are news of food poisoning due to consumption of expired goods. Some reasoned that they didn't know that it is expired because they bought the goods without the label. Some vendors in the public market are selling goods without label and there are consumers who can took the risk of buying it because it's a lot cheaper. They are not aware of its bad effect on their health till they got hospitalized. There are government warning about this already. "Do not buy goods without label on the public market:".

     We must be aware of the expiration date of all the food or goods we take orally because it is our health which will be at stake once we took an expired one. Not all store are aware on the monitoring of the expiration date. Sometimes you will find out that the item you bought was expired once you tasted it. Once you make a claim on the store some are not responsible enough to accept their mistakes that will resulted to misunderstanding. There is also a negative impact in the store and that is to lessen if not to lose customers when they found out you are selling expired goods. This is what I don't want to happen to me, to have a negative impact on my store because it will greatly affect my business.

    Be observant in anything you buy specially if it's foods, the fresh the better. Happy buying to all and be a smart consumers.

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