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Yes, It’s your choice to give your power away. I never understand that when did I became a Door Mat. You always expect me to do your bidding while you show little or no appreciation! While I continue to feel unappreciated, I still am the go-to person for your favors. I remember, i occasionally complain but rarely to the person who did it. I am too scared of losing you by speaking up or cutting back on doing anything.

It has become a given in my life, a fixture, something I expect from you won’t change, no matter what I do or don’t do. But you know it hurts me down the road.

I know the more you get used to something or someone, the less you feel grateful for having it because it’s just there for YOU all the time. I give more than I ever did just as a Door Mat but it’s because I love being at your other side, not to show how nice I am or to buy approval but just to tell you that you are never alone. 

Sometimes behaviors from you leaves me with negative emotions & dad says you now need to pull back on what you are giving as an act of self-love. 
Don’t take the good in your life for granted? Please?

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