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So you've finally decided that you begin to strengthen? Well, you know what to take to the gym and what they do for the first time? We will help you. Before you go to the gym is a good idea to prepare these things:

Clothing and slippers in which you practice (good clothing that absorbs sweat and slippers, which holds the ankle-slippers are totally inappropriate)
Towel & Beverage (towel you will be placed on benches and appliances)
Deodorant (not suitable for the gym smell)
After coming to the gym will probably dress. Try to find someone who looks like a coach or to ask him. The coach would you have to say how it goes, if it tells you to feel free to ask. In the gym you should follow certain rules:

Nerachoťte and necinkejte unnecessarily weights
Lay down at the machine and bench towel
Listen and observe the advice coach
By entering the gym in clean sports shoes
Home of dumbbells and instruments in place
Before exercise occurs important phase - the warm-up. Rozvičování NEVER leave out. Rozvičte thoroughly all muscles, including those that do not want to reinforce. Do not hesitate to get a great workout, it's still not unusual. After the warm-up session goes strengthen. If you do not know how to exercise machines to train again ask the coach. Should you explain the exact technical performance and frequent errors.

The first time you do not load the strengthening of heavyweights. Learn the proper technique exercises and then add up the weights. During the first few days (maybe weeks), you should practice your muscles evenly throughout the body. Although some exercises you sick, do not underestimate them. The basic muscle strengthening should be broad back muscles, abdominal muscles, gluteal muscles, the muscles of the arm and chest muscles. When you exercise, follow certain principles:

Muscles neprocvičujte to extremes
The exercises are focused on strengthening the game
Remember to breathe - mostly when starting breath, exhale when framing
Do not skip from game to game, but perform exercises that train the same or similar muscles (this means that I will not train your leg muscles, then skip to the breast muscles, feet again, but need to exercise your game on three machines feet)
So you already know the basics and go to the gym.

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