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"Before that, I will first explain a little about this LTBcoin, which as we know where all the crypto coin used as a means of transaction and trading on the trader's website, by searching through mining, this unique coin Well unlike other coin is released to be mined, the owner of coin this coin is distributed only to the forum and their communities, LTBcoin itself well for a pretty good price is around 300 to 450 satoshi and also LTBcoin know this has direct bus marketnya exchanged into coin XCP ..dari this article I want to represent from asia team if you wish you could be with the forum and can get thousands LTBcoin perminggunya or even more ... at least if you can exchange for XCP can be 2 or 3 XCP or if any bitcoin exchange you can get more of satoshi millions or were about 0:01 or above that each end you sent straight week ... LTBcoin your.
List on the link below:

Remember our duty in this forum just posting it should not be too active, it will not be a problem, but at least we can post some x in 1 minnggu, Please do not make multiple registrations because the site might suspect we will, so better play like za unusual because it is not required to be active at any moment, when you've signed up at the link above, please LOGIN and proceed to the next stage:

Stage 1:
When you've LOGIN click on your username

  Stage 2:
"Click on the Account Settings

Stage 3:
You will see a box to enter your address LTBcoin wallet address, to get the address you see ditahap LTBcoin 4



Stage 4:

  Open this link to make your multi COUNTERWALLET.CO wallet account and click CREATE

Stage 5:

keywords will appear that will become your password on your wallet account that, COPY and store well Do not get lost,


Stage 6:

Now copy your keywords in Notepad or in a place which is safe, well, then enter the keywords down to the first x LOGIN to your account instantly click OPEN WALLET


Stage 7:

Wait until your internet connection to connect to their server, and will appear as below and click ACCEPT TERMS


Stage 8:
The process is now complete and your wallet account is so, well now your duty to take or copy the address to your address to ACCOUNT SETTINGS dimasuukkan that are in your FORUM account in your Bitcoin Talk Lest ... task completed :)

If you've put the address in the address of your wallet Forum, click SUBMIT in the account settings and simply to make a post about cryptocoin or commented on posting2 who were there, are not required to always be active and also you are not required to collect point2 well as in other forums, here everything gets average every weekend will be shipped LTBcoin ...

Well still confused about why one is drawn above the address address can be used for BTC, XCP and LTB it was called a new era of change in the bitcoin transaction, where XCP and LTBcoin connect access to the bitcoin address and blockchain .. eittsss not need too steeped in what I say better do your job and stay diforum sit back and thank Coin2 LTB every weekend, remember the longer you will actively growing inclusion we know

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